Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SONGS release of radiation

ACTION ALERT: This my letter the city of San Clemente this morning, if you live in a 100 mile area I hope you while join in writing them now. Email at: George"

Dear George and members of the city Council,

Yesterday's emergency shutdown at SONGS is yet another release of harmful radiation to our children and community. But we don't know exactly what was released, how long are how it will affect our citizens. It is high time that an epidemiology study is done to assess what's going on in our community because of San Onofre Nuclear Waste Generating Station on going release of radiation. Also if it is long overdue that the city & county take responsibility for a radiation monitoring system so that our citizens will know exactly what is being released and how long and at what levels. We know SONGS has a system, but they do not share this important information with our town, why is that permitted? We are the one's who need to know. WE DEMAND ACTION NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE!

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