Saturday, April 14, 2018

San Onofre Hot Cell Demolition Video 2007

San Onofre Hot Cell Demolition Video 2007
Plan B RIP OCT 2007

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Test Area North (TAN) hot shop (hot cell) was destroyed in 2007. It was the only hot cell identified large enough for unloading San Onofre's thin cans. The MPR Associates white paper “SONGS Used Fuel Management – Defense in Depth” (September 2017), page 20, incredulously states it is feasible to use this TAN hot shop (hot cell) for San Onofre's thin cans. Their reference for this claim (Reference #21) actually states the opposite — it states the TAN facility was demolished in 2007. Viability of Existing INL Facilities for Dry Storage Cask Handling, USDOE Report, INL/EXT-13-29035, April 2013, Page v, Executive Summary. This appears to be a significant criminal comprehension error with the MPR authors.

Edison knew the TAN Hot Cell facility was demolished, yet did not catch this major error in the MPR San Onofre report. Closure of the TAN facility was discussed at the California Public Utilities Commission San Onofre decommissioning proceeding during August 2015 evidentiary hearings.

Every permit since 2007 needs to be rescinded, 

for the criminal lie that anyone ever had a "Plan B"

Let's Start With A NEW Plan B. 

On Site Hot Cell 
Thick Casks
Real Time Radiation Monitoring 

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Acjachemen Wisdom Day: Honoring Our Ancestors June 9 2018 RSVP

One Vision. One People. One World
Join us. June 9th, as we join together and send a message to the world.


Remember, We belong to Mother Earth.

Date: Saturday | June 9
Time: 10:30am - 2pm*

*Allow ample time to park and walk to site (30-40 minutes).

Location: Trail 6, San Onofre State Park
Parking: $15 in lot (limited parking; ridesharing encouraged!)
Bring: Rattles, 2 wood sticks or clappersticks, water container & sunscreen

* Please no signs or drums

The Acjachemen Nation is a native California tribe who has stewarded, revered and inhabited territory in what is now known as Orange County for more than 12,000 years.

For more information, contact:

Adelia Sandoval, Acjachemen Nation
Info at

For disability accommodation requests, contact:
Carry Kim

tsomoyog at