Saturday, April 14, 2018

San Onofre Hot Cell Demolition Video 2007

San Onofre Hot Cell Demolition Video 2007
Plan B RIP OCT 2007

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Test Area North (TAN) hot shop (hot cell) was destroyed in 2007. It was the only hot cell identified large enough for unloading San Onofre's thin cans. The MPR Associates white paper “SONGS Used Fuel Management – Defense in Depth” (September 2017), page 20, incredulously states it is feasible to use this TAN hot shop (hot cell) for San Onofre's thin cans. Their reference for this claim (Reference #21) actually states the opposite — it states the TAN facility was demolished in 2007. Viability of Existing INL Facilities for Dry Storage Cask Handling, USDOE Report, INL/EXT-13-29035, April 2013, Page v, Executive Summary. This appears to be a significant criminal comprehension error with the MPR authors.

Edison knew the TAN Hot Cell facility was demolished, yet did not catch this major error in the MPR San Onofre report. Closure of the TAN facility was discussed at the California Public Utilities Commission San Onofre decommissioning proceeding during August 2015 evidentiary hearings.

Every permit since 2007 needs to be rescinded, 

for the criminal lie that anyone ever had a "Plan B"

Let's Start With A NEW Plan B. 

Thick Casks
On Site Hot Cell 
Real Time Radiation Monitoring 

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Safecast Community Engagement Panel Announcement

Gene Stone former CEP Member, invites current members to view a Safecast

I went to last nights Community Engagement Panel Meeting, a panel purposely set up with no power by the local utility so that they could mark off a check box for some bureaucrat someplace that says yep, they talked to the locals, move onto the next step.

At this meeting Top Palisano informed everyone in attendance that they have dropped five cans on the beach at Sano, 4 of the 5 cans had experimental pins helping to cool the waste that some how are now "questionably"doing their jobs, and that, from now on SCE will return to using the old design.

When asked by the panel why SCE didn't just go in and fix them? Open the cans, replace the pins? You know, do the job right. Toms answer sent shudders down the backs of those that do not drink So Cal Edison's expensive experimental kool aid. 

"No one has ever opened up one of these cans before, we believe it will take 1-3 years to figure out how to do that, we will get back to you..." - TP 

Yet Another Example Of SCE's Corporate Responsibility Standard

 Where have we heard this before? 
This is coming from the same corporation that brought you leaking steam generators, years of missed fire inspections, they no longer have the trust of any thinking member of the local population.

Lucky for use we have people like Gene Stone and Sean Bonner. Science is about FACTS not TRUST, and the people at Safecast are building a world of citizen scientists, that are out collecting the facts and making that information publicly accessible in real time

With all of the backroom dealings and other untoward shenanigans transparency and clarity are a breath of fresh air, Data without collaboration is information without knowledge. 

SONGS Employees In An Alternate Reality Far Far Away 
It is time for the adults to come together in agreement that publicly measuring radiation around nuclear sites is something that needs to be set up before an accident not after one.

We also need to demand THICK WALLED CASKS and that So Cal Edison stop filling these Thin Walled cans, with a Chernobal worth of radiation EACH, until they have a way to inspect and repair and replace procedure in place and ready to go, (READ HOT CELL!

How can you help do that? If you would like to sponsor or help build one of these Safecast devices please fill out this form, or make a direct donation to the effort here  (please note radiation monitor network with your donation)