Saturday, February 18, 2012

ACTION ALERT for CA citizens we are once again asking for you help.

Fukushima USA 
Email these people. Ken Alex (nuclear point man for Gov Brown) at < span="">>; Lori Donchak ; Tim Brown ; Bob Baker ;,

This a sample letter about our new push to get gov't to work for the people. For Ken Alex you will need to go to the website and put your letter in, because you cannot direct email him.
Please come to San Clemente City Hall on Feb 21 at 6 pm to once again ask for action and to have this matter put on the agenda.

The citizens of San Clemente, Orange County and California are asking our elected officials to do the proper steps to ensure the safety of its citizens by taking responsibility to set up a radiation monitoring system around San Onofre Waste Generating Station. SONGS has had many safety violations and close calls. According to the NRC stats SONGS has the worst safety record of all hundred four reactors in America.

We as citizens feel it is time for the City of San Clemente government, Orange County government and California government to act responsibly and provide accurate radiation monitoring that is easily accessed by the public so that we may be informed as to what is leaking and at what level and how much we are being exposed to by this old deteriorating nuclear power plant. In conjunction with this request we believe it is time that the above government agencies provide an epidemiology study to inform the public what the affect of California's two nuclear power plants over these many years has had on our health?

Now we have another new problem at SONGS;

"Radiation levels in the plant’s cooling system [Unit 2] doubled from January to February 2011 and continued to climb through the end of the year.

..increasing levels of radiation in the water that cools the reactor probably indicates that the metal tubes (called cladding) that contain its fuel pellets are cracking.”

— David Lochbaum, Union of Concerned Scientists, after reviewing Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) reactor operation statistics

We want action from government of our behalf because the 1st job of government is to insure the safety of the people.

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