Real Time Radiation Monitoring

San Clemente Real Time Radiation Monitoring (OFFLINE DUE TO TECHNICAL FAILURE)

Demand our government give us access to San Onofre Nuke Plants Monitoring devices.

Because what is not measured, is not managed. 

How much radiation does San Onofre put into the environment every day?
In 2010 there were 44 hours a year of atmospheric batch releases (ave 7.23 min a day)
and 550 hours of liquid radioactive releases into the ocean. (ave 90.41 min a day)
Including 34 Radionuclides - Via Nuclear Effluent Database

How do these numbers mesure up with where you live?

Trestles Community San Clemente
Clicks Per Min CPM
Clicks Per Min
microsieverts/hour µSv/h

Data generated with an iPad and an @iRadGeiger

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