Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Airborne Radiation Spread From Fukushima & Hanford

Interview with Marco Kaltofen, PE, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, about his research studying airborne radioactive particles from Fukushima and the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.
Nuclear Power = Insanity!

TEPCO: New Details on Reactor Damage

The likely state of Fukushima Daiichi 1
The likely state of Fukushima Daiichi 1
via NHK / November 30, 2011 /
The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has announced the results of an analysis on the state of melted fuel in the plant’s Number 1 unit.
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, and several research institutes made public their analyses on the melting of fuel rods at 3 of the plant’s units at a government-sponsored study meeting on Wednesday. The analyses were based on temperatures, amounts of cooling water and other data.
TEPCO said that in the worse case, all fuel rods in the plant’s Number 1 reactor may have melted and dropped through its bottom into a containment vessel. The bottom of the vessel is concrete covered with a steel plate.
The utility said the fuel may have eroded the bottom to a depth of 65 centimeters. The thinnest part of the section is only 37 centimeters thick.
TEPCO also said as much as 57 percent of the fuel in the plant’s Number 2 reactor and 63 percent in the Number 3 reactor may have melted, and that some of the melted fuel may have fallen through reactor vessels.
US media only mentions report about melt-through at Reactor No. 1, not melt-outs at No. 2 and 3 –
New analysis of Fukushima core status – World Nuclear News
Melted nuclear fuel eroded reactor container by up to 65 cm: TEPCO – Daily Mainichi
Study Shows Deeper Meltdown at Japan Nuke Reactor – ABC News
Tepco Details Nuclear Fuel Damage – Wall Street Journal

"The earth and myself are of one mind." ~Chief Seattle, Nez Perce

"The earth and myself are of one mind." ~Chief Seattle, Nez Perce

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Circle Stands For Togetherness

"With us the circle stands for the togetherness of people who sit with one another around a fire, relatives and friends united in peace, while the Pipe passes from hand to hand. Once all the families in the villages were in turn circles within a larger circle, part of the larger hoop of the nation. The nation was only part of the universe, in itself circular circles within circles, within circles, with no beginning and no end.

“To us this is beautiful and fitting; symbol and reality at the same time, expressing the harmony of nature and life. Our circle is timeless, flowing; it is new life emerging from death – life winning out over death.”

“Our circle is timeless, flowing it is a new life emerging from death-life winning out over death. When we look at the world in the manner which the Great Spirit designed it, we can see why it makes sense to live in harmony with Great Nature: the trees grow and bear fruit, the fruit has seeds, the seeds fall to the ground, the ground grows new trees, old trees die to make way for the young. Any time we think we can interrupt this cycle or change it we will experience turmoil and confusion. The Human Cycle exists as the baby becomes the youth, the youth becomes the adult, the adult has children, the adult becomes the Elder, and the Elder teaches the youth. Elders go on to the Spirit World. Spirit comes into babies to produce new life.

-Lame Deer: Seeker of Visions

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Nuclear Issue; Trust But Verify

So the folks who run San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station are seeking permission to bill you the ratepayers for a souped-up, $64 million earthquake fault study of the area around the aging nuke plant.

But who should oversee this study? Experts working directly for Southern California Edison (the company that runs San Onofre)? Or independent types, not directly beholden to SoCal Edison?

Hearings on this question were held in San Francisco last week, before an administrative law judge for the California Public Utility Commission.

“In a post-Fukushima world—the stakes are too high to let the utility police themselves." Click for more...

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Action plan with #NukeFreeCal a new phone campaign to Governor Brown no relicensing of Ca nuclear power plant's 916- 445-2841 stand for and with the people's for safety governor. California does not need to be the next Fukushima! Call today and often. One of the reasons to encourage them not to relicense is that neither of these two plants could be built under today's rules and guidelines for earthquakes and tsunamis, and the NRC will not force them to meet the standards of today but yet they will overlook and easily relicense them. Please share this with your friends and call 3 times a week or more.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Worldwide Nuclear Meltdown"

 Scientists at the federal Space Weather Prediction Center say that area is the most active part of the sun since 2005. It has dozens of sunspots, including one that is the size of 17 Earths.

 … “It’s still growing. The size is what blows me away.” Thursday’s flare wasn’t aimed at Earth. However, this active region is now slowly turning toward Earth, and scientists say it will be directly facing Earth in about five days. That storm region will only affect Earth if it shoots off flares and they hit our planet, which doesn’t always happen with stormy areas, said prediction center space scientist Joe Kunches.

The region will be facing Earth for about two weeks as it rotates, he said. Solar flares send out bursts of electromagnetic energy that can occasionally disrupt communications and electrical systems. Sourced Via The Intel Hub

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

San Clemente Meltdown Clock

Tick Tick Tick 

Who didn't protest their daily, 
childhood wake-up call,

"Get up, you'll be late for school!"

We like our sleep. 
Deep, deep sleep.
Wake us from it, and face our protest.

But protest, is what we do.

When the electric bill arrives, and it's 
off the chart high - we protest,
"Turn off those lights!"
Filling our car at the pump as the  
price flies past $50 we protest,
"The oil companies are screwing us!"
(actually it's Wall St, but that's a 
different conversation).
We protest when driving, 
"Hey, speed it up buddy, you're
blocking traffic." 
We protest when eating out, 
"This food is cold!"
We protest to the doctor, 
"My neck still hurts doc.
 Whatever you're prescribing, 
 ain't working." 

Protest shapes the emotional bow 
of Life's boat, as we plow thru troubled 
waters on our cruise to happiness - 
sailing towards the day's good stuff:
the smooth bits, 
the easy bits, 
the laughable bits, 
then whammo,
we hit a speed bump,
and boy do we protest,

"Where'd that come from?"
"Who put that there?"
"Why wasn't I notified?"
"Dang, I just spilled my coffee."

Chances are, we were notified the 
pesky speed bump was there, for 
safety's sake. 
To protect the neighborhood. 
Slowing traffic down to a safe 
and sane speed.

Slowing the fools of the world down 
before they kill us, is a protest-call 
worth making. And to keep making, 
until enough people hear it and finally, 
grudgingly, wake up.

But waking up, is hard to do.

The News is filled with protest calls 
not heard, and or worse - ignored. 
How many times have you thought,

"If I'd only known,"
or -
"Hey, I was too busy, okay,"  
as nightmare scenario crashes 
head-on into grizzled reality. 

"I knew the speed bump was there. 
 I watched them put it there. 
 Guess I forgot."

What is San Clemente's 40-year old 
wake-up call today? - SONGS.
A happy singsongy acronym, glossing 
over what we know is man's deadliest 
byproduct - nuclear meltdown.

Radioactive contamination on a global
scale. The plume no one escapes.
A 50-mile Evacuation Zone - here?
8-million people stuck in that Zone - here?

An old nuke-facility, sitting on fault lines, 
vulnerable to tsunami, and god knows
what else is worth shouting about.
A protest decades overdue.

SONGS' aged nuke-clock is ticking 
louder and louder, but waiting until the 
final alarm screams - "Evacuate Now!"
before shutting SONGS down, is too late. 

And "too-late" in nuke-lingo, is as they 
say, "all she wrote."

Apparently Chernobyl, 3-Mile Island and 
Fukushima haven't opened enough sleepy 
eyes and ears, to SONGS' deadly tune: 
nuclear meltdown never stops melting, ever.

We've gotten our wake-up call.
It's spelled F  u  k  u  s  h  i  m  a. 

Will we wake in time to flip SONGS' 
nuclear-switch to OFF?

Japan didn't.

tick, tick, tick, tick, tick...

jerry collamer
San Clemente
Ca - 92672