Mr. Collins,

Thank you so much for your call this morning regarding the next NRC meeting on San Onofre. I believe we both seek to have a truly excellent quality public meeting to discuss the serious problems confronting the health and well being of our Southern California communities that SONGS presents.

I appreciate you accepting our input so willingly. With the goal of having a truly historic and beneficial public meeting I submit this idea for your consideration. To let all parties have a set at the table. Meaning a table for the NRC, SCE, “US” (citizens group leaders & 2 experts), & Elected Officials, so that we can all make a short opening statement and “take” and “answers” questions from the audience. The best way do to this is a category 3 meeting, which you told me on June 18 is your call.

My hope is you will take this idea under serious consideration for the most successful NRC meeting ever. It is my hope that we can work together for a safe future

for all Californians.
Warm regards,