Friday, July 1, 2011

Decom San Onofre Nuclear Waste Generating Station Awareness Campaign

Facts you need to know about


·     Did you know … SONGS was originally designed for a 6.0 quake, but sits next to a fault capable of an 8.0 (100 times more powerful)?

·        Did you know …SONGS was originally scheduled for decommission in 2013, but got an extension to 2022 and they plan to ask for an extension to 2042?

·        Did you know … the tsunami wall is only 14 feet above high tide?

·        Did you know … over 4,000 tons of highly radioactive waste is stored on-site in "temporary" storage, accumulating at a rate of 500 pounds per day?

·        Did you know … a disaster at SONGS could create a "dead zone" beyond LA, San Diego, Catalina, and Riverside?

·        Did you know … 7.4 million people living in a fifty mile radius would need to evacuate if there is an emergency at SONGS?

·        Did you know … children and pregnant women are most vulnerable to radiation, and that cancer and genetic problems go undetected until years later?

·        Did you know … you are expected to “shelter in place” on your own for 7 days if you can't evacuate?

·        Did you know … SONGS has ten times more safety violations than the industry average?

·        Did you know … employees are being retaliated against for reporting safety concerns to management?

·        Did you know … your property or possessions can’t be insured against radiation exposure?

·        Did you know … our economy would collapse in a nuclear disaster, but could flourish with green tech investments?

·        Did you know … the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is more of a lap dog than a watch dog?

·        Did you know … we only get 7.5 % of our power from SONGS, and the proposed "Smart Grid" will save 4 times that amount?

·        Did you know … we can shut this sucker down if you join us? 

Calling All Volunteers!

Coalition for Responsible Ethical Environmental Decisions (CREED)
Residents Organized for a Safe Environment
San Clemente Green

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