Sunday, July 3, 2011

San Clemente To Celebrate The 4th With Fireworks!

America is now calling San Clemente Fukushima USA

Stages, Mitigation:

Mitigation is the process of actively preventing the release of nuclear material. It includes policy analysis, diplomacy, political & social measures. In the case of aging Nuke Plants, built on Earthquake Fault lines, in Tsunami Hazard Zones, the only "mitigation" available is to close them as the next earthquake or tsunami can not be planned for.

These streets will be closed July 4th as the City of San Clemente invites 500,000 people to risk their lives with us in the face of a major earthquake.

There will be three designated escape routes out of the Pier Bowl, including:

1) Palizada and directed to the freeway at Palizada or north onto El Camino
Real (two lanes will be open on El Camino Real).

2) Del Mar and diverted onto Presidio.

3) Victoria and diverted southbound onto the freeway at Valencia and Calafia.

Although other intersections/streets may not be closed, please expect all Pier Bowl streets
to be impacted by the emergency exit route.

Additionally, during this time the following streets will be closed:

1 East Palizada/Seville
2 East Seville/Del Mar
3 East Palizada/Puente
4 East Ola Vista/Palizada
5 Del Mar/Ola Vista
6 East Victoria/Ola Vista
7 El Camino Real/Palizada
8 Palizada/Estrella
9 Del Mar/El Camino Real
10 Victoria/El Camino Real
11 El Camino Real/Presidio

In the event of a meltdown after an earthquake or tsunami at the San Onofre Nuclear Waste Generating Station please contact the City of San Clemente 949 361-8200 to receive your Potassium Iodide tablets

Evacuation: If you are directed to evacuate, please stay calm. Get in your car and drive away from the plant to a location outside of the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ). Be sure to follow the directions of local law enforcement officers and the local civil defense as traffic patterns will change. If you know someone in your neighborhood who is without transportation, please give them a ride. Those without a ride can go to a public Transportation Assembly Point. If you are directed to evacuate while your children are at public school, do not attempt to pick them up. Children in the public schools will be pre-evacuated by Capistrano Unified School District to a location outside of the EPZ.

A Reception Center at the Orange County Fairgrounds will be opened for persons coming from Southern Orange County, if necessary during an emergency. (U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and San Diego County will open their own, separate Reception Centers.)

Shelter: Sheltering in Place (a.k.a. kiss your ass goodbye) is the process of staying where you and taking special precautions. If asked to take shelter, stay indoors, close off all ventilation, windows and doors, turn off air conditioners and close fireplace dampers. Listen to news reports to determine when it is safe to leave your shelter and evacuate the area.

Want to find out more? Visit us at the San Clemente Farmers Market on Del Mar EVERY Sunday!

Care to join us?

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