Thursday, August 25, 2011

San Clemente Blocks Open Discussion On Nuke Safety

In God We Trust
For the last four months we have been working to organize a  public meeting in San Clemente for the NRC, Nuclear Regulatory Commission to share it's findings after the disaster in Fukushima and to  create a public forum to inform residents in a 100 miles area of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).

In an effort to make this meeting informative and balanced concerned groups such as ROSE, Residents Organized For Safe Environment, and San Clemente Green have requested their experts speak. Notable authorities such as Arnie Gunederson of Fairwinds Associates, an expert witness who has testified before Congress, Dan Hersh and others.

As soon as the NRC heard that Arnie Gundersun was coming the city manager decided to divide the meeting up into two days. Two days one week apart. The first meeting with NRC California Edison, the second day of course would be a chance for our experts to speak, one week later.

Of course the entire idea behind this meeting was to create a forum in which facts and science could be discussed in public by the experts. A chance for the public to decide. An experienced and independent moderator from the Women's League of Voters was offered to provide her services. This offer was declined.

So we are asking all of our friends in California who would like to see a fair and balanced approach to this meeting call the city manager and demand the meeting be held on one day so that people can hear both sides of this very important topic for our community and our state.

Leave a message if you have to.

The San Clemente City Manager is George Scarborough
Phone: (949) 361-8322

Gene Stone
Residents Organized For Safe Environment
(ROSE) 949-233-7724


  1. Good girl Ella:)

    Seriously, we owe it to the next generations to be cautious.

  2. Imagine you are swimming in a pool when an Earthquake hits. The pooled water starts sloshing. If strong enough the mini tsunami in the pool may hurt you. If the pool cracks, you'll sit on the dry bottom shortly.

    Same applies to the spent nuclear fuel pools. Sloshing they are built for, but when the coolant water is seeps out through cracks from a tremor well beyond the design assumptions, you can have meltdown within a few hours, outside the containment structure. So much for intrinsic safety.

    This technology appears somewhat built on hope a big shake does not come near it.

    Personally, I trust the safety of most nuclear power plants, under one single condition: give an operation permit only if managers, owners and their immediate family agree to live within the 10 miles zone.

  3. Major points against SanO remaining in operation:

    1. It is sited on Major Fault lines + the new NRC Director is a trained Geologist that knows faults.

    2. SCE sneaked the RSG phony design past the NRC review process!

    3. SCE/SanO has the worst operated reactor in the Country.

    4. SCE has a long history of major Safety violations that is the worst in the USA.

    5. SanO almost had a major nuclear accident because of bad tube designed "in-house"...

    6. Decommissioning SanO would instantly solve all the NRC SanO oversight issues.

    7. The NRC knows that if they stop SanO from restarting, the Industry will get the message, to tighten up their operations.

    8. It will make the NRC look great without making them look like they caved into the activists.

    9. Restarting even under 70% power has MAJOR RISKS, as the DAB Safety Team has already pointed out, so why take ANY chances?

    As I see it, the NRC would much rather have all its SanO problems get Decommissioned and we can help by telling them N☢ RESTARTS

  4. Please click on the DAB Safety Team Documents tab at the top of this page for much more technical information about San Onofre!

  5. OK, hate to be a complainer, but I've got another problem with this site. There is no date on this entry...and yet it begins with "for four months we've been trying to organize..."

    I mean, you are doing great work but you MUST date these articles!!!


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