Friday, December 28, 2012

Thirty Alarms Demonstrates SONGS Is Unsafe

The 30 Un-Resolved Alarms Recorded by SONGS Vibration Monitoring System During 11 Months of Operation, Requires An Immediate NRR Safety Investigation

Three Questions affecting US reactor safety need to be answered ASAP, by the NRR:

1.  WHY, if these 30 separate alarms were indicating that some unusual phenomena (e.g., FEI) was occurring in Unit 3, did SCE not immediately shut down Unit 3, notify the NRC of the unusual phenomena and get their help in order to properly understand what exactly was going on inside the Unit 3 SG in order to properly diagnose the problem(s), instead of just ignoring them while continuing to operate Unit 3 for 11 months in an unsafe manner?

2.  Why has NRC Region IV’s AIT Team NOT resolved this issue almost 6 months after issuance of their AIT Report and already informed the public as to the cause(s) of these unusual phenomena, if the causes are now understood.

3.  WHY should a Utility be able to operate a nuclear reactor while something unknown is happening without shutting it down ASAP and informing the NRC?

The Complete DAB Safety Team Press Release + 12-12-28 


  1. Just for the sake of clarity you are saying that SONGS was recieving vibration alarms from the steam generator in unit three long before any leak happened ? So they knew there was some issue ?

  2. Nuke Roadie: Please see page 1 of the entire PR post on the link above:

    Observation: Thirty times over 11 months, vibrations monitors positioned in the Unit 3 reactor's two steam generators near the tube sheet triggered alarms after sensing unusual movements. 30 alarms were recorded in Unit 3, but none were detected at its sister, Unit 2, which is the same Mitsubishi Heavy Industries design.

    More detail is also included. Thanks for being interested!

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