Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fukushima is in the mainstream news again, and it is not good.


The damaged nuclear power plant in Japan came a lot closer to a full meltdown last spring than first thought. The company that runs the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant said Wednesday that the radioactive core inside Reactor 1 burned through a concrete containment barrier and nearly reached the soil below.

The nuclear plant was heavily damaged by an earthquake and tsunami back in March. And as CBS News correspondent Lucy Craft reports, many in Japan are worried about what all of this is doing to their food.
Suburban housewife Toshiko Yasuda lives 170 miles away from the nuclear plant. Worried about radiation, she buys little at the grocery store nowadays.
She said: "Radiation-contaminated beef has turned up on the market. Broccoli, spinach and shiitake, too -- all discovered after they were already on sale. So I don't trust the government anymore."
CBS update says it like it is


  1. Also one of the reactors completely melted down through the concrete containment, better known as the "China Syndrome". People wake up this is the worst nuclear disaster in the history of the world. The question is will it be the last??
    We need your voices for a Nuclear Free California.


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