Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SONGS was designed to be decommissioned in 2013.

At the mention of nuclear meltdown, and its cataclysmic results (hello Fukushima), the nuke industry's chorus erupts in unified denial, "It can't happen!" But it does happen. In Japan and Russia, nukes' tragic opera has no end. Reality, televises the unimaginable horrors of nuclear gone haywire, beginning with the end of WWII. Chernobyl does too. Now Fukushima is worse even. Facts is Facts: "San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station" SONGS was designed to be decommissioned in 2013. Today, SONGS is an old piece of machinery, sitting on sand, over earthquake faults, at water's edge, housing 4,000 tons of nuclear waste. The same overheated poision rendering Fukushima deadly forever after. It doesn't take a nuclear engineer to grasp the everlasting impacts of nuclear meltdown. But apparently, it takes a nuclear engineer to deny it. Shutting SONGS by 2013 was the promise. Its creators knew full well its safe life span. Super heated metals only last so long. 2013 was SONGS drop-dead date. But Edison wants to push the envelope. Move the goal posts. Is SONGS' measly 6.5% electrical output worth it? Is San Clemente worth it? Deniers will always deny. Maybe it's their job. Maybe they're trying to convince themselves. Whichever. It doesn't change SONGS' scary reality. Imagine SONGS gone. Doesn't that feel better? It does to me. Sorry meltdown deniers. We can live happily ever after without SONGS. But there are no guarantees, we can live with it. 2013 was the promise, for good reason. jerry collamer San Clemente Ca - 92672

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