Thursday, January 17, 2013

NRC Violating Presidential Directive and the Public Trust

SCE’s PR Machine Is Capable Of Overcoming ALL Hurdles,
Except Good Science And Safety

Albert Einstein also described INSANITY as
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

The DAB Safety Team has challenged previously in their published DAB Safety Team Documentsthat Southern California Edison’s controversial plan to restart San Onofre Unit 2 as a “Bogus and dangerous SCE experiment.”  

According to SONGS Anonymous Insiders, SCE’s Engineers were under the false impression that Unit 3 Anti-vibration Structure was built better than Unit 2.  Therefore, SCE Engineers were operating Unit 3 at lower steam pressures than Unit 2 in a test mode to generate more thermal megawatts and thereby generate more electricity.

 To add to Arnie Gundersen’s and John Large’s Technical Affidavits, DAB Safety Team’s investigation reveals that in the process of this “money-hungry experiment”, lower steam pressures in combination with other unapproved and unanalyzed design changes destroyed Unit 3 due to Fluid Elasticity Instability (FEI). SCE and NRC AIT Team both blamed Unit 3 FEI on botched up MHI Computer Modeling and insufficient tube-to-AVB gaps. AREVA, Westinghouse, John Large and the DAB Safety Team findings dispute these statements. The NRC Augmented Inspection Team and the NRR Panel have swept the DAB Safety Team Findings consistently under the rug, in what must be now labeled as a Gov’t cover-up!

The NRC keeps issuing both controversial and conflicting press statements that a decision to allow the restart of Unit 2 could come as early as March 2013.  According to SONGS anonymous insiders, Edison officials have announced in internal SONGS Staff Meetings that a restart decision is imminent in March despite the huge public outcry about safety problems by SCE.  Press reports as of January 14, 2013 state, “Small steps are being taken to prepare for possibly restarting the troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant, even as its future remains clouded with uncertainty, officials said Monday. Nuclear Regulatory Commission senior inspector Greg Warnick said Monday that the agency is beginning to prepare a detailed plan of what would need to be done to bring the plant safely back to service.” (SOURCE: CBS Los Angeles, Associated Press)

NRC’s enforcement history, drama and pre-rehearsed tough questions, press reports, casual relationship and/or protection of SCE officials and utility biased public meetings are just old and cheap regulatory tricks that are now being used to protect the NRC’s own public image and to fool the public into believing that the NRC is really concerned about public safety regarding SCE’s Restart Plan.  The Justice Department & NRR Officials need to set up a legal/technical taskforce to publically question Edison’s design and MHI Engineer’s listed below under oath regarding their:
  1. Understanding of their legal obligations under the 10 CFR 50.59 Process,
  2. Understanding of problems with the original steam generators,
  3. Critical questioning and professional/investigative skills,
  4. Efforts made in industry and academic benchmarking to identify and resolve problems with the original steam generators
  5. What part did they play in the preparation of design specifications, fabrication, computer modeling, mock-up testing, anti-vibration bar structure, and research required to prevent the adverse effects of fluid elasticity and flow-induced random vibrations in these unique San Onofre Combustion Engineering replacement generators.

Any NRC decision to grant a restart of Unit 2 without a formal 50.90 licensing review along with public participation will be seen as an invitation to risk a Fukushima-type disaster happening in Southern California. 

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  1. Added to the NRC Blog:
    NRC Forms Special San Onofre Review Panel

    The above Panel should N☢T be co-chaired by anyone in Region IV, since their supervision of Edison has been called into question and the panel should include at least one and preferably two outside experts to insure that this HISTORIC NRC/NRR Panel is not just covering up for the NRC (and Edison) to protect its own public image!

    FEI does not care about NRC internal politics, nor does it follow inter-office memo’s or yield to graft.

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  3. Also posted on the NRC were these two post (because Im thought the first one was not uploaded correctly):

    Lets be scientifically rigorous, SCE’s Richard St. Onge has as much of a chance of explaining how FEI destroyed Unit 2 and 3 at SanO by pointing to their poorly in-hous designed 620 ton replacement steam generator, as NRC Chairman Allison Macfarlane would have of explaining how dip/slip effects earthquakes by pointing to the earth! This photo is an insult to the intelligence of your readers and the Director of the NRC, who happens to be a World Class Geologist…

  4. Here is the other post:
    Lets be scientifically accurate, SCE’s Richard St. Onge (pictured above) has as much chance of explaining FEI by pointing to the outside of a 620 ton Replacement Steam Generator (RSG) as NRC Chairman Allison Macfarlane of the NRC has of explaining how Dip/Slip equates to Earthquakes by pointing to the ground! The above photo’s caption is an insult to the Director of the NRC and the intelligence of those reading this blog!

  5. Here is KUSI's Turko File segment on SanO: Behind Closed Doors Posted: Jan 16, 2013 11:11 PM PST


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