Monday, December 12, 2011

Nuclear Statement of Concern

While the world's worst ongoing nuclear accident Fukushima continues to spew its toxic waste cocktail around the world, people sit and try to pretend nothing has happened and that there is no immediate danger. But the fact is there is danger to our food supply danger to our water supply, danger to the unborn DNA of our children, danger of many hundreds of thousands of cancers in the future. But the biggest danger of all is how the governments around the world are completely ignoring the ongoing nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima reactors, and that the fact they haven't rushed to the aid of Japan to help solve this problem. Another problem that is very concerning is the fact that the corporate news media has completely dropped the ball on keeping the public informed.

When did the people of the world voluntarily concede to be part of this uncontrolled nuclear experiment? When will we stand up and put an end to this experiment? I for one have had enough of nuclear accidents and nuclear weapons that threaten the health and safety of all life on our one and only planet.

It is past time but not too late to think of the generations to come that will inherit the earth, after all these are our children and grandchildren. We must work together.

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