Saturday, July 13, 2013


To the people of Japan,
We, the anti-nuclear activists and environmentalists around the world, are very sorry this catastrophic nuclear accident has happened to the people in the land of Japan. We will continue to support and pray for you all.
Take heart and be strong and do not lose faith because in the aftermath of this tragic accident, there have been many thousands of people in the streets protesting one of the worst environmental disasters in the world. You now have a chance to lead the world and show us how to break the corrupt connection between the nuclear industry and governments.  You also have the opportunity to lead us in finding the solution of what to do with nuclear waste.  This, the whole world desperately needs.  I am speaking of the many millions of pounds of nuclear waste that are now present in our one world. It is not too late.  We still have time to prevent the looming disasters that the nuclear power industry and corrupt governments are perpetrating on the people of the world.
Take heart and lead the people as the strong and powerful intellectual force that you are.  Lead us in the right actions to save the world from any future nuclear disasters. We are counting on you and stand with you.
Gene Stone

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