Monday, July 8, 2013

Is It Safe To Surf San Onofre?

Everybody is Goin Surfing Surfing USA!
Everybody is Goin Surfing Surfing USA! 
Recent whistle blower news from San Onofre, San Clemente Green has been told that Edison is in the process of releasing bulk chemicals into the ocean as a cost saving measure. Edison is emptying huge storage tanks containing sulfuric acid,  ammonia hydroxide and sodium hydroxide rather than dealing with them responsibly.

Another employee stated that, in general, everything is happening so fast right now that limits are being ignored and oversight is lax if not completely absent. Coincidentally, the decommissioning process allows for millions of pounds of toxic chemicals and radioactive waste to be discharged directly into the ocean near the surfers in and around San Onofre Surf Beach.

Is it safe to surf San Onofre? This is where the continuing silence of other local non profits gets scary. 

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