Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ask your Congressperson to attend San Onofre hearing

Here is a sample letter for people to send their congresspeople for our September Congressional Hearing. It is very important that your congressperson hear from you and others early and often to feel implored to attend!

Dear Congressman/woman,
I am writing to request you to attend a congressional briefing on nuclear power issues that will be taking place this upcoming September 20th on Capitol Hill. This briefing will be held from 2 – 4 pm in the Cannon Building — Room number 121. An excellent group of experts and citizens has been assembled to present compelling, factual information on the ongoing dangers posed at Fukushima in Japan and many safety concerns with our domestic nuclear energy industry.
After the worst nuclear disaster in human history that continues in Fukushima, Japan, a growing movement of grassroots citizens has come together to address the myriad concerns revolving our own aging and decrepit Nuclear fleet of 104 reactors in America. As your constituent I feel that it is your duty to make yourself aware of these issues and to attend and listen to the expert testimony that will be given on September 20th.
As the National Academy of Sciences has concluded. “There is no safe dose of radiation exposure.” A grassroots network of citizen activists has worked diligently to bring together experts from Physicians for Social Responsibility, Beyond Nuclear, the Nuclear Information Resource Services, and more to provide you with the most up to date knowledge on issues from Nuclear Waste to Nuclear Safety.
As your constituent I feel that these issues are of utmost importance and relevance to the future of this country and again request your personal attendance at this briefing.
Sincerely yours

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