Tuesday, July 17, 2012

San Clemente City Council Nuke Free

TONIGHT San Clemente City Council is poised to make history yet again regarding the San Onofre nuclear power plant. They will consider calling for special hearings and investigations about SAFETY, COST and RELIABILITY in formal letters to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission. Please come out in support if you can make it. We are late in the agenda so you could probably get there by 8:00 and not miss it, (but come sooner just in case).

More people = More Influence on the Outcome

City Hall is at 100 Avenida Presidio, San Clemente 92672

Listen to this relevant radio interview on KPBS done yesterday.

Occupy Your City Council

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  1. Mr. McClure,

    Thank you for your diligent reporting thus far. I'm afraid to say I will not be able to attend today's City Council meeting despite my best efforts.

    I have, however, opened a similarly titled blog as your own and have undergone many hours of personal research on how to best launch an awareness campaign; if the NRC event in SJC taught us anything it is that a vociferous voice for a cause can only you take you so far without the numbers. SJC was packed, and we started to see some progress on behalf of the NRC.

    Thus, I have contacted you to suggest we launch an awareness campaign on the 21st and 22nd at the Pier in conjunction with the Ocean Festival; what better venue than our own backyard, celebrating what brings us all together, to inform the peril that awaits the apathetic onlooker?

    Pertinent info can be found here: http://www.sanclementetimes.com/pages/full_story/push?article-Ocean+Festival-+Kick+Off+Party+Honors+Volunteers-+Sponsors%20&id=19313323&instance=top_stories

    I have some contacts in our community that may be able to assist us in promoting this cause to larger than expected numbers; still if they fail to do so and if tonight's attendance are any indication--and that of previous events held in San Clemente against SONGS--of what one can expect, proponent numbers can be as high as 200 reaching outward to what is expected to be +60,000 visitors.

    Strictly speaking in PR jargon: this could be epic!

    I look forward to hearing from you on this matter, so feel free to reach me on my blog's comment section or ideally at the email listed on the About section of my similarly titled blog: http://decommissionsongs.wordpress.com/

    Thank you for your time.



    PS: Bravo, Ella! I think you and Victoria have much to discuss, and you two could enlighten and be a much needed inspiration to your otherwise vapid Hannah-Montana-fixation generation.



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