Sunday, April 14, 2013

What Mass Evacuation Plan for San Onofre?

Emergency response professional Deanna Polk talks about the many holes in radiological emergency preparedness in the region surrounding the leaky San Onofre nuke, including lack of training and resources for first responders and the absence of a realistic mass evacuation plan.

Jen Tucker are you listening?

No Escape From San Onofre Meltdown.
No Escape From San Onofre Meltdown.


  1. More information that needs to be shared with the 7+ million people that live and/or works within 50 miles of San Onofre.

    While we question their problematic emergency planning, the EPA and the NRC are trying to increase the radiologic allowable dosages ASAP in order to use regulations to reduce the number of people that will be affected, instead of admit that their planning has many flaws and is unworkable as it is now concieved...

    The Japanese Gov't. did the same thnng after Fukushima and now all those living in that part of northern Japan will be living in fear of health problems for the rest of their lives, which is not what we want to happen in southern California to US!

    Learn more about this very real threat, then demand written answers from your elected Leaders about what they are doing to protect you and your family from radioactive accidents besides attend events sponsored by the Utilities that operate San Onofre that continually tell US that safety is their prime concern while doing everything they can to protect their shareholders from the multi billion debacle they have cause because they placed profitability ahead of safety when they designed the replacement steam generators that failed almost as soon as they installed them, instead of lasting 20 to 40 years and saving ratepayers over a Billion Dollars as they promised US when they got permision from the CPUC to design and build them!

    Want to learn more about how we are the victims of Nuclear Fraud:

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