Saturday, April 13, 2013

Donna Gilmore Shutdown San Onofre

San Clemente resident Donna Gilmore, the founder of talks about her own process of awakening to the risks posed by the nearby San Onofre nuclear reactors, and her discovery, confirmed by the Governor's Office that Gov. Brown has the authority to shut down California's San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear reactors because they violate the 'once-through-cooling' prohibition under the State's Water Resources Control Board's rules.

San Clemente California ~ Fukushima USA
San Clemente California ~ Fukushima USA 


  1. Now if we can get the Govenor to act, instead of looking the other way, like he is doing while the CPUC (who also serve at the "pleasure" of the Govenor) continues to allow SCE and SDG&E soak ratepayers for SCE's 1-2 Billion Dollar design debacle...

    We all know that the Utilities want to maximize the profits for the shareholders and so they donate to Candidates to get them to support traditional Energy Production, which does not include anything but a token amount of Solar... We are being "forced" to accept their Energy "mix", instead of using our own and being fairly paid for the Energy we produce and push INTO the grid!!

    When The Energy Utilities pay each of us for the energy we put into the grid, at the same rate that the Utility charges for that same energy someone else uses at that exact time, then you will see Solar being installed Nation wide!

    Because Solar is generated during the daytime, it is the most valuable since the Utilities charge the most for daytime usage (where they have SMART metering)! Everyone pays an additional amount to support the infrastructure (The Grid) so that when the Energy Utilities begin to pay the same as what they charge (no pun intended), then it will make adding Solar panels a no brainer, since the payback period will be much shorter. Another benefit for all of us is that during a power outage, all the small solar panel producers can help to keep power flowing which will be a huge benefit during such times as hurricane, tornadoes and flooding!

  2. Fraud, is yet another reason for the Govenor to act:

    SoCal Edison's fraudulent behavior regarding the Replacement Steam Generators at San Onofre


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