Friday, January 4, 2013

San Onofre's TTW Assessment Is NOT ACCEPTABLE

SCE Cannot Develop A New Tube-To-Tube (TTW) Operational Assessment ACCEPTABLE To The NRR, After Wasting Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

NRC Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation asked in a letter dated December 26, 2012 to Edison the following questions during review of SONGS Unit 2 to Service Report: (1) Under SONGS Unit 2 Technical Specifications structural integrity performance criterion, the plant is required to ensure that generator tubes retain "structural integrity" during "the full range of normal operating conditions," including if the plant is running at full power, and (2) NRC wanted Edison to demonstrate that Unit 2 could meet that threshold, or explain how generator tubes would interact with each other if the plant is operating at maximum capacity?

DAB Safety Team Conclusions: Based on the data presented in Table 1 (below) and analysis of NRC AIT, MHI, SCE, Westinghouse and AREVA Reports shown below and in the attached DAB Safety Team Paper Response to NRR RAI #32 - Technical, it is clear that SONGS Unit 2 RSGs will continue to experience Tube-to-Tube Wear (TTW) just like Unit 3 for operation up to 100% Power, or Licensed Reactor Thermal Power of 3438 MWTs because of ... 

The COMPLETE Press Release + 13-01-04 Supplemental To Our Press Release + 12-12-31

The 3 page Non-Technical Condensed Version or the longer 8 page NRR Technical Version

The DAB Safety Team: Don, Ace and a BATTERY of safety-conscious San Onofre insiders plus industry experts from around the world who wish to remain anonymous.  These volunteers assist the DAB Safety Team by sharing knowledge, opinions and insight but are not responsible for the contents of the DAB Safety Team's reports.  We continue to work together as a Safety Team to prepare additional DAB Safety Team Documents, which explain in detail why a SONGS restart is unsafe at any power level without a Full/Thorough/Transparent NRC 50.90 License Amendment and Evidentiary Public Hearings. 
Our Mission: To prevent a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster like Fukushima, from happening in the USA.
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