Friday, May 18, 2012

San'O Beach Rocks Catch Fire in Lady's Pants

San Onofre Surfers
Today, there's no disputing Trestles Surf Beach, and it's iconic surf mentor; San Onofre Surfing Beach (together form 7-miles of perfect, wild & wonderful world-class surfing waves, from San Clemente CA's southern border, occupying the northern 1/3rd of Camp Pendleton Marine Base's 18-mile undeveloped coastline), are now the certifiably, undisputed, hottest two surf spot on the planet, bar none, as of May 16. 2012. How hot? So hot, the rocks on the beach catch fire. Really. Google Beach Rocks Catch Fire in Lady's Pants. You'll see.

How could beach rocks catch fire? Because Trestles and San Onofre are HOT!!!, duh. But what makes beach rocks hot there? Hot enough to catch fire (yikes), and no where else on the planet's gazillion miles of rocky coastlines? Hmm, could it be the presence of a leaky, creaky nuclear power plant, combined with a 200-square mile 75-year old military training facility - both right there, with both facilities dumping no end of radiated water, spent and unspent military ordinances into that ocean everyday nonstop, for a combined 100-years? If the rocks on the beach catch fire, how are the fish doing? How are the surfers doing? How is the ocean doing? No need to bring matches to Trestles. Just rub two rocks together.

In 1969, Ohio's Cuyahoga River caught fire, setting the standard for really stupid human neglect of our environment. On May 16, 2012, Trestles and San Onofre set a new scary standard for human mistreatment of our oceans. Because when rocks on the beach ignite, we're in serious trouble neighbor.

Jerry Collamer
San Clemente
Ca - 92672

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