Thursday, May 17, 2012

San Onofre Action Alert May 23rd in Irvine

We will have a rally and Press Conference on May, 23 4 to 6pm in Irvine at 14555 Bake St. which is in between Cromwell and Trabucco to delivery our letter to SCE , . Please bring you signs and banners. This action is being taken in SF & SD as well as in Irvine. There is free guest parking right in front of the employee parking lot on the Bake st side of the street.

The will go something like this & more. "Now that both reactors are down and it doesn't look safe to re start them we want to know why the almost 1/2 a billions that was to be used for energy efficiency & conservation programs is still sitting in the bank? With San Onofre shutdown this money should be spend on more meaningful programs than light bulbs, if SCE had a real and effective program for rebates on air conditioners, the energy savings this summer during peak energy periods could prevent any foreseeable problems in the coming months." You will get a copy of the letter as well when it is done.

Thanks and hope to see many of you there

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