Saturday, January 28, 2012

San Onofre: An Accident Waiting To Happen

Watch Nuclear Aftershocks on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Travel to three continents to explore the debate about nuclear power: Is it safe?

What are the alternatives? And could a Fukushima-style disaster happen in the U.S.?

One man's fear monger is another mans change agent...

A must watch video!


  1. I have relatives living in that area. I appreciated for the update.

  2. As a population, we are really screwed with the uncaring corporations.

  3. How Many Coal Miners have been killed by the pollutints in their Lungs . Anybody remember the Oil soot or the Exxon Valdez? San Onofre has Provided The Most Evironmentally sound source of electricity for 40 year. Scare Tactics are just silly

    guess nobody remembers what Tulsa or Long beach looked like in the 70's How eyes burned from gasoline emmission in Los Angeles

    let get fully informed before jumping on an anti nuke bandwagon

    We have 30-40 nuclear power plant Warships that protect Us and then park in Downtown SAn diego , Washington outside of seattle , And major areas around that world . how many dead from Nuclear Power in America ???

    Enough already

    1. Dear SilkySully, watch this video and get back to me

      Coal does not do this to your children for the next 500,000 years.

      Enough Nukes Already, Shut Em Down!

  4. Sully will be okay. He's in Arizona and outside of the dead zone...and trolling.


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