Wednesday, September 7, 2011

San Clemente City Council Says "Don't Dig Here For Truth"

#SCCouncil forgets pledge for a fair and balanced dialog.

There will be no free flow of information at the September 27th meeting here in San Clemente.

Last night's city Council decision to break up the Sept 27th meeting with the NRC & SCE into two separate meetings does not bode well for our communities' chance for a fair and balanced meeting as asked for by four city Council members.  City Manager George Scarborough made it clear that the NRC officials would not participate in the meeting if confronted by independent experts on the same date, using the excuse that to add 30 minutes for independent experts to speak on the same day would change the agenda. Mr. Scarborough and the city Council knew all along we intended to bring three independent speakers to the meeting.  Saying that we only informed them at the last city council meeting two weeks ago. This is untrue.  It is true we only told them their names two weeks ago.

We have been asking for this meeting and City Hall's help with it to inform the public about the safety issues at SONGS for two years. When the meeting is finally set, we, the ones who asked for the meeting, are banished to a 2nd day far,far away in some other galaxy at some other time & place, yet to be determined. 

Is that the fair and balanced approach to inform the public that we can expect in San Clemente?

Gene Stone
Residents Organized For a Safe Environment (ROSE)

Don't Dig Here

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