Thursday, March 6, 2014

We Shut Down San Onofre! Now Shut Down The Nuke In Your Backyard

As the Fukushima nuclear disaster deepens three years later into a planet-wide emergency, with massive continuous daily radioactive emissions into the air, ocean and biosphere, a new documentary from award-winning filmmakers counters nuclear industry lies and cover-ups. 

It looks at the people, organizations, strategies and factors that forced a powerful corporation to bend to the public will.

It tells the little-known history of the Nuclear Free California Movement.

Its an empowering story of activists, nuclear experts, public officials, whistleblowers, journalists and extraordinary citizens facing up to the threat of Fukushima fallout while working to prevent potential Fukushima-like catastrophes here at home.

Its also a story of the growing solidarity between Japanese and US activists as they unite to challenge the global nuclear establishment.

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