Monday, March 24, 2014

Private Profit, Public Debt, The Nuclear Saga Continues In San Clemente

San Onofre Nuke
Would you give 3 hours of your time on Tuesday to lower cancer rates 
in San Clemente and adjacent communities?
Studies show that communities who are actively involved in the decommissioning of their power plants
result in lower radiation readings. Less radiation, less cancer.

On Jan 2012 So Cal Edison' s new steam generators released what they say is a "small amount" of radiation. This "small amount" to them is somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 gallons of highly radioactive cooling water, that turned into highly radioactive steam spread upon the Community of San Clemente.

Each Day San Onofre operated So Cal Edison made an estimated $1 million dollars and produced about 500 lbs of deadly nuclear waste. The $2.7 Billion ratepayers have paid into the San Onofre decommissioning fund only equals about $50 per pound to store this waste for the next million years. These decommissioning funds will have to be spent very wisely.  On top of these funds So Cal Edison says they want another 2 billion dollars for decommissioning and in time we all know this cost will go up.

The question that should be in every Californian's mind is, Just how many nuclear plants has So Cal Edison decommissioned, and what was the radiation rate of the site after they were done?

I would like to see So Cal Edison removed from any further work at San Onofre, replaced by a company with the best track record in the industry for safely returning a site to its former state. Whoever that may be, perhaps San Onofre should be placed on the EPA's superfund list due to the shear amount of radioactive waste found on site.

I do not want to see So Cal Edison spending a "small amount" of the decommissioning funds as they see fit as it stands now, in essence profiting on the mess they have left here in San Clemente, when they have proven time and time again that they can play fast and loose with the facts regarding this now decaying nuclear waste generating station.

I would like to see a Citizens oversight committee in charge of the purse strings related to the decommissioning project that as we all know will last many many years.

To this Citizens oversight committee I would ask
  • to see the data from the current radiation monitoring network on site at SONGS setup for public access on the internet for real time scrutiny of ongoing releases related to the decommissioning.
  • to see a tsunami wall built to the same standards for an expected tsunami that our neighboring city of Dana Point is using, an estimated 42 foot tsunami verses our 14 foot tsunami at low tide, 
  • to see our spent fuel pools hardened against terrorist attack, as losing water to these pool could still devastate the entire west coast of north america. 
  • to see our current dry cask storage moved to a safer location inland, protected by earthen berms and separated by the same amount of space as is standard in the rest of our nations nuclear sites. 
  • to see any high burn up fuel placed in canisters designed for this more dangerous spent fuel.
  • to know if any of the members of this committee have ever received funding from So Cal Edison. 

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