Thursday, June 13, 2013

We Closed A Nuke Plant! And So Can You.

Leadership; doing things that ought to be done with hopes that others will see what you have done and will follow some of the examples you have set. 
& Just Three Of The Reasons Why We Do This. 

Meet the activists that Decommissioned San Onofre :

Darin & Ella McClure

Darin & Patti Davis
Darin & Myla Reson
Darin & Michael Sean Wright

Darin & Sharon Hoffman
Darin & Sheri Crummer
Darin & Ross Teasley
Gary Headrick & Darin 
Gene Stone & Darin
Darin & Ace Hoffman 

Thank You All For Your Hard Work!
Darin & Lisa McClure 

if you want a revolution baby, there is nothing like your own. 

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