Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My full statement to the NRC, Oct 27, 2014

I'd like to thank the NRC for hearing our comments today. I'am happy to see many friends here today that will speak for the safety of CA.
I must say, I no longer believe that SCE is considering doing the state of the art decommissioning that they promised us at the first Community Engagement Panel meeting. Nor do I believe that the NRC will demand or require that of them! But a more standard approach to decommissioning.
The NRC should have to be more proactive with its approach to SCEs PSDAR? The fact that the NRC does not approve or disapprove this minimalist approach to the safe storage of nuclear waste is very disappointing & alarming. Going forward with a plan that uses canisters that were designed for short-term storage does not make sense.
What would make sense to me is if the NRC would take an active regulatory role forcing & working with the industry to improve the design of the dry cask canisters and set in place a real & effective system of defense in depth, a aging management plan, for long-term storage of nuclear waste and a real method of inspection and monitoring of these improved canisters.
Thank you for listening to the people who will speak to you today for the safety of California's 8.4 million people, it's children & environment and the economy of SoCal.
You may now check this meeting off your list as another NRC public relations meeting where the public was heard but not listen too! We expect & need more than that from the NRC.
Gene Stone, ROSE, SCE/CEP Member

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