Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Pledge

I commit to conserving electrical power and other forms of energy as much as possible each and every Wednesday. I will also continue to conserve electrical usage throughout the week and think conservation and energy efficiency in other areas of my life.
I will continue to conserve electrical energy until all dirty and outdated forms of electrical generating facilities are decommissioned and replaced with clean renewable sources of energy.

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  1. The time is now, before any potential restart puts all of Southern California at RISK of additional radioactive leaks or much worse a nuclear incident or a nuclear accident like Fukushima.

    Those living within 50 miles of San Onofre have the most to lose and therefore should be the most vocal in demanding that their Leaders stop their foot dragging and join all those seeking fair and open discussions about the actual conditions INSIDE the already damaged Unit 2 replacement steam generators. The actual data needs to be reviewed by outside experts and we cannot allow "JUST" SCE and their Regulators the NRC to do that since they have allowed this 1.5 Billion Dollar Debacle to happpen, and now have a vested interest interest in getting San Onofre running to make themselves look good!

    A number of experts have been saying that at any pwer level, San Onofre Unit 2's replacement steam generators cannot withstand a main steam line break oor other similar industrial accident because they were not designed to handle the forces involved and now that they are already damaged they are even less likely to survive an accident living all those at RISK...


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