Saturday, October 6, 2012

SCE's Restart PR Campaign Backfires in MV!

SCE's RESTART PR campaign is now in full swing, please tell your friends to find out what SanO insiders are saying about all the technical issues AGAINST RESTARTING SanO, before they attend the NRC Dana Pt. meeting on 10-09-12.

The complete 6 page PR memo can be viewed online  along with many other of the DAB Safety Team's "Papers", like "DAB Safety's Initial Response to SCE's Restart Plan", so please bookmark it as MORE information will be posted to keep you in the know.

       Any SCE restart is nothing but a $1.2 Billion Get out of Jail Free Card for them!

Just SAY N To Any Restart TESTING, SoCal cannot afford a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster like Fukushima!

p.s. Kudos to Joe for the SCE PR Restart Pitch Info!


  1. Major points against SanO remaining in operation:

    1. It is sited on Major Fault lines + the new NRC Director is a trained Geologist that knows faults.

    2. SCE sneaked the RSG phony design past the NRC review process!

    3. SCE/SanO has the worst operated reactor in the Country.

    4. SCE has a long history of major Safety violations that is the worst in the USA.

    5. SanO almost had a major nuclear accident because of bad tube designed "in-house"...

    6. Decommissioning SanO would instantly solve all the NRC SanO oversight issues.

    7. The NRC knows that if they stop SanO from restarting, the Industry will get the message, to tighten up their operations.

    8. It will make the NRC look great without making them look like they caved into the activists.

    9. Restarting even under 70% power has MAJOR RISKS, as the DAB Safety Team has already pointed out, so why take ANY chances?

    As I see it, the NRC would much rather have all its SanO problems get Decommissioned and we can help by telling them N☢ RESTARTS

  2. Please click on the DAB Safety Team Documents tab at the top of this page for much more technical information about San Onofre!


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