Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nuke Topic at San Clemente City Council 10-18-11

City Council will be meeting Tuesday at 6pm/City Hall after a 4 month long investigation into "Lessons Learned From Fukushima". The Staff Report  recommends a series of  letters supporting existing initiatives already underway to the higher ups in the chain of command regarding safety concerns at San Onofre. We are encouraged by the direction things are headed but feel more should be done to proceed towards a "thoughtful phase out" of San Onofre. This would be our third attempt to find more common ground in our community although we would feel much safer if the call for a shutdown was more immediate. Your attendance at this meeting helps assure that we will be included in playing an active role as the city grapples with this dangerous problem. Please wear something red to show solidarity if you can be there in person. If not, watch it live on TV Channel 30 or go to to watch on the internet.

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